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I need a shopping cart for the site I am working on.  Without much research I could only think of two products: GoogleCheckout and Paypal.  I used both products before and no problems with either one.  Those experience was from being a buyer.  Now I am going to be the seller.  So which one to use?  Everytime I have a question, my default answer is goole it!  And I found this article comparing the 2 shopping carts.  Exactly what I want to know. In short, Google’s advantage is that your shopping cart fee will be lower if you have Adword account link to it. Paypal’s advantage is that customers can use their paypal accounts. Googlecheckout does not provide payment method through Paypal. As for developer like me I find it much much easier to use Google’s Store Gadget to set up a store. I try that Gadget thing and had my store setup in 5 minutes. That’s very impressive! In paypal, it took me near 5 minutes just to create a buy button. So, I go with GoogleCheckout. In limit experience, Googlecheckout wins. If you want your customer pay by Paypal, go with paypal’s shopping cart.

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