Ad bot attack

Over the last 6 months.  My site was attacked by ad bots more than 5,000 times as evidence by the as many garbage comments I received on my posts.  I installed Akismet plug-in immediately.  Akismet is a spam protection app for WordPress.  It worked to a certain degree.  Some smart ad bots can simply by pass Akismet and post to my WordPress database directly.  In order to defeat these smart ad bots, I ended up modifying one of Worldpress’s scripts.  I don’t remember the details now.  But it did eliminate 99% of the ad bots.  The other 1% comments spams I have to manually handle them.  I could live with that.

The Internet is such a messy place.  Some unethical advertising companies and individuals just want to go out of their way to spam people so that they could have more click traffic and profit from them.  Our government should enfore severe penalties for spamming on the internet.

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