My frist Android App Published

I didn’t expect my first app for the Android market is an assignment from my Android class in City College of San Francisco.  It’s a Quiz game on US state and capitals.  I just think it would be cool to see my app actually appear in Google Play.  At first, it seemed to be a difficult task to publish a game.  I was prepared to spend 4 days to complete the publishing process.  It turned out to only take me 2 to 3 hours.  My time for publishing work was mostly spent on making the right size screen shots.  Google required the screen shots to be exact for example 480 x 800.  There are several sizes I could choose from. But the pixels need to be exact.  You can’t have a 481 x 800 for example.  What I did was use Print Screen to get a screenshot of the emulator.  Opened windows Paint and pasted screenshot on a blank file, save it.  And then I opened this same file with GIMP2 and used GIMP2’s crop tool to crop image to be exactly 480×800.  GIMP2 is a free graphics software comparing to Adobe photo shop.  I only use GIMP2 for precise cropping of images.  Oh here is the link to my first Android App Quiz of States and Capitals. It’s a free app of course. I would be happy if someone like it.  I certainly want to publish more Android apps later.  At the least I can polish my programming skills.  I had made several updates to the app after publishing it.  There is always room for improvement on a piece of software.

By the way the Android class in City College of San Francisco is a good class taught by Abbas Moghtanei.   If you want to learn Android programming, Abbas’ class is a good starting point.

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