My 2nd Android App Posted

It’s a simple Temperature Converter that does conversion between Celsius and Fahrenheit.  The codes are simple.  One significant thing in this 2nd app is that I had embedded Admob and Leadbolt codes in it.  So it will show Ads.  Since the app is free, ads is the only way to get some rewards for the effort of creating the app.  I don’t think this simple app will generate any ad money but it’s certainly a good practice.  At least now I have a clear idea of how to put ads in my apps.  Here is the link to my Temperature Converter in Google Play.  Google Play is a great place to publish your apps.  For beginning Android programmers, my advice is don’t wait.  Publish it as soon as you have a simple functioning app.  You could always add features later.  When an app is published, I get a lot of motivation to work on the next one.

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