Hello, I am James.  My passion is in programming.  Currently I am working on projects on Android, IOS, and WordPress.  I like Wordpress,  a free open source program which started as a blogging tool and now has evolved into a full feature web development program.  With Word-press and its countless plug-ins, you can pretty much create any web site you want.  I also like Android because it is the OS of the cellphone I use everyday.  IOS is the OS for iphones, since iphones are hugely popular, I might as well do some work on the IOS.  I will write down my thoughts when I have something worthwhile to say in my programming work.  Hopefully this will help someone on the way.

I enjoy learning new technologies.  Things change so fast in the tech world.  I try to keep up with the newest innovative software techs.  The one thing I can’t have enough is Time.  Focus is the key for me to use my time efficently.

The website name Peach Orchard Vow came from Romance of the Three Kingdoms.  It means the oath of brotherhood in a peach garden.  This oath was sworn by Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, and Guan Yu at the start of the Three Kingdoms.  They vowed to unite China and bring peach to the people.  This story had inspired me ever since I was a kid and I always enjoyed playing Three Kingdom related games.


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  1. Hi,

    I see you that you’ve taken Abbas’s Android class. I’ll be taking it this summer, 2013, in less than 10 days. I’d like to be in contact with you since you were Abbas’ student.


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