SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. The goal of SEO is to make your webpage appear on top of the search results so that people can find your webpage easier. Easy finds lead to more traffic. There are some easy SEO steps a webmaster should do. First thing is to use meta tag “keywords” and put keywords you would like people to search for in it.  Second thing is try to have keywords in your link, title, and content.  Third thing is try to have other sites link to your site.  The more credible sites link to your site, the better. The fourth thing is try not to cheat, if you repeat the same keyword 1000 times in one page without reason, the search engins will ban your site and thus your webpage will not show up in search result at all.   And lastly, content is king, make sure your site has relevant contents to match the keywords you try to optimized.  If your page title is “chinese guqin”, but you write about American football, then your page will be ranked in the bottom of search keywords on “Chinese guqin”.

file names are case sensitive

While working on a page at, I was able to see a background picture in my Windows development platform. Once the the same .php file was uploaded to the bluehost server, the background image didn’t show. After some gooling and head scratching, I figured out the answer myself. The image file name was case sensitive. myphoto.jpg is not the same as myphoto.JPG. This problem only happened on the bluehost server which runs on Linux. In my windows platform I don’t have this problem. After renaming my background file to .jpg which is what my CSS stylesheet is looking for, the problem was gone.

WordPress cache plugin

Cache plugins for wordpress increase page loading speed. Instead of parsing code and load database each time, cache plugins simply load stored static html files. I did some search on Google. The best cache plugin for simple user seems to be Quick Cache. For a heavy traffic site, the choice is W3 Total Cache. Quick Cache like its title is quick and easy, no configuration required. W3 total Cache can scale and have tons of options. I heard WP Super Cache is not as good, too much option to configure and it can occasionally mess up your page. I used Quick Cache for this site.


I am currently working on In order to do testing before I publish contents online, I had installed Apache, MySql, Php in my home computer and replicated the site. was originally created by Thomas and I recently took it over and started to add contents. One thing I didn’t know before was the icon file. If a site has an icon, it will appear on the left side of the address field. And this icon can unique identify your site. So I was wondering how to create this icon. It turned out to be an icon file name favicon.ico. Simply place this file in the site’s root directory(public_html in the case of bluehost) and then add a link to the page header will make the icon appear. Add this code to the header section of a page:

<link rel=”shortcut icon” type=”image/x-icon” href=”/favicon.ico”>

The newly icon takes quite some time for Internet Explorer to pick up. However, Firefox and Safari pick it up on the first try.